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Powerboat Nation is hosting Skater Week and we want to see what you’ve got! Skater Powerboats have always garnered the respect and admiration of the powerboat community and given rise to the Skater Nation Tribe, a massive community of boaters that are all about Skaters. Founded in 1979 and starting with the first Skater 24, the brand quickly spread across the nation and took its rightful place among the elite American boat manufacturers.

Today they are an industry leader in custom work including unique graphics packages which give you the chance to show off when you’re out on the water with your buddies or simply trailering it to the docks. Their high performance crafts are built using S-glass, Kevlar, epoxy resins and other construction techniques, making them standout boats in a sea of monotony as each Skater is custom and unique, and every owner we’ve ever met has been more than satisfied with their craft.

We know all you Skater lovers are out there. Now we want to see what you’ve got! This entire week we will be featuring Skater Powerboats and their owners! If you’d like to show us and the rest of the Powerboat Nation your one-of-a-kind boat then here’s what you can do…

Post it to our Facebook wall – Powerboat Nation.

Send your pics to us in a message on Facebook.

Simply hashtag #skaterweek on Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s see what you’ve got!