In Miami cigarette style boats are seen gliding across the water at high speeds and moored to waterfront establishments being admired by the public at every turn. There is one King of Boat Art in Miami, Richy “Rich”Lucente. Rich has been applying art to boats, cars and bikes for years. Some of the best pieces he has created have been done when he hasn’t been working at a JOB but while he is on “Free Time”. While employed as the house painter at Cigarette Racing for 3 ½ years and at Fountain for 3 years he had to stay on script, but when he was free to be fully creative and apply art is when things really came alive.

Leave it to Richy to add a new dynamic to the world of cigarette boats! Rich helps boat owners differentiate themselves by painting customized designs that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. The arduous process of painting these boats can sometimes take weeks to months, but the results are nothing short of astounding. This is because Richy is meticulous in his work and second to none in quality.

For over 20 years Richy has been doing customized art for his clients. From boats to oil paintings, his artwork is both visually stunning and thought provoking. Ranked in the top ten up and coming artists by Powerboat magazine in 2005, Rich has broken all artistic boundaries by transcending traditional artistic genres, all while amassing a portfolio of artwork that spans across a variety of mediums.

Rich is different than regular boat painters in his approach, customer service, and artistic quality. Using a consultative style, Rich assesses the needs and desires of his clients, gathers all of the information and styling cues needed to design the piece. Then he works with the customer through the entire artistic process, providing updates and receiving feedback. Finally, Rich applies his artistic talent to create innovative and customized pieces of art that delights his clients. The style Quality and customer enthusiasm can be found nowhere else. Currently Richy is doing the art on a 47 Apache in Pompano Beach, Florida. Anyone can paint your boat. Only one guy can make your boat art.

See the work here:

47 Apache currently in canvas and being readied for this scheme:

Photos Courtesy of BrandX and Cass Shewbart