The show will go on! Despite some wind that is presently blowing about 15-20 mph around Southeast Florida the first departure for Key West Scheduled for about 1030 on Wednesday is on as scheduled. “About 40-50 boats are set to leave and the run down through the protected bay waters for the first 120 miles of the 160 mile run will be fine.” said Jackie Jones of the Florida Powerboat Club “and by the time everyone reaches Sunshine (Ohio) Key to punch out into the Atlantic for the remaining 40 miles into Key West the wind is forecast to have already began to subside.”

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The forecast shows 15 MPH winds on both Wednesday and Thursday

NOAA National Weather Service

If someone wants to delay there departure from Wednesday until Thursday there are some other options as the Departure Hotels and the Sea Isle Marina are sold out.

1. Depart on Wednesday and stay overnight at Hawks Cay or Post Card Inn
2. FPC will have shuttle buses/vans to take the crews/girls/kids from Sunshine to Key West
3. Leave the boat at Sunshine and take the scuttle to Key West and simply return on Thursday to bring it to Key West.

Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina | Encore RV Resort in Florida Keys


You can contact the Florida Powerboat Club for more information

Florida Powerboat Club: Powerboats, Poker Run Events, Powerboat Television, Powerboat Video and Photography, Powerboat Magazine: Powerboating In Paradise will be on the dock tomorrow morning bringing you the whole show live!!