For a nearly a hundred lucky high school students from Coral Shores High School in the sunny Florida keys their teacher Chris Catlett a Marine Mechanics instructor gathered the students for a field trip of life time. Chris brought them to the SBI world powerboat races in Key West for some hands on learning. For over nine years Chris has been providing this extra curriculum to his students. John Carbonel of Super Boats International was fully supportive of the entire project and provided free VIP tickets for wed races every year as long as they would guarantee to get all 3 high schools in the keys to come.

Kids in the keys usually get a boat before they get a car. For years the school has had this program and not only is it growing its a huge success and motivator for the kids to learn. For these kids to have the opportunity to go to the Worlds Finals Offshore Race is an chance for the students to get to see the latest in marine technology up close.

Racing breeds technology that eventually makes its way to the public or consumer after being invented and developed on race boats. The students really get an eye opener. First State Banks Kurt Lewin and Super Boat International’s John Carbonel make this possible. This is a fantastic opportunity for learning and everyone involved deserves a huge thank for putting this program together.