If there’s one thing at Powerboat Nation that makes our blood pump, it’s the ingenuity of the powerboater to take a good boat, rip out that old dog of a stock engine and pack the bilge full of horsepower to turn it into a dazzling performance power boat. Lightning Headers forwarded us this video of power boater Bjorn Carapi documenting a world record speed run of hisĀ 22′ Donzi power boat blistering the water powered by a home built centrifugally supercharged 600CID engine fed through an intercooler into a custom throttle body fuel injected BBC.

Among many components Bjorn used were the standard 2″ primary Lightning freshwater series headers which helped reduced back pressure and helped Bjorn perform so well that the boat saw a jump in peak speed of nearly 9 MPH over the original EM manifold system. At 5900 RPM the boat is laying down a dazzling 112 MPH pass. Congrats to Bjorn Carapi on a super performance testament.