The Team Spirit of QATAR boat shattered this years top speed record running an astounding 244 MPH at this years Lake of the Ozarks Shootout breaking the record set by MY Way just last year of 224 MPH. Discussions with John Cosker the Mystic company founder at Key West last year indicated that the My Way team saw larger numbers than the 224 they were clocked at last year and that bigger numbers were on the horizon. Not a truer statement could be spoken the Qatar team came prepared with some obviously highly tuned up T-55 Turbine engines and did an amazing job coming back from their first run of 210 MPH after a drag chute deployed while on the run to set the milestone 244mph speed. Powerboat Nation stood by for just a few seconds to see if there would be a challenge and as it stands at least not until next year, this 50 MYSTIC Catamaran will hold the title TOP GUN.

Boat owner and driver Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani and throttleman Steve Curtis were obviously elated with their fantastic run and only they know what their future plans may be to break the record or challenge anyone that may try.

While the QATAR runs is impressive to me the real showcase speed run of the weekend came from John Roth’s 388 SKATER open cockpit pleasure boat driven solo by John Tomlinson. John made a first pass of 194 MPH followed by a 197 MPH and again on Sunday he ran 197 MPH. This all done in what is essentially a pleasure boat with some monster Carson Brummett power that you could run around with on any given weekend.

The other incredible run came in from another SKATER owned by Kenny Mungle who is always on hand to greet the fans and show appreciation to everyone who comes out to support the event. The colorful 32 SKATER “Gone Again” ran 180 MPH.

LOTO this year had some highs and some very deep lows. Their were great people everywhere, fast boats, and it was very hot. Attendance seemed off the mark from previous years and when we left we all had heavy hearts with prayers and hopes for a successful recovery for our friend Mike Fiore. PBN extends our best to Mike and his family Joel and the entire Outerlimits Family.