The Buffalo Poker Run saw it’s first accident ever in its 25 year history this last Saturday. Both Christopher and Nicholle Overkamp were thrown overboard Saturday morning after their 30′ Spectre powerboat flipped during the Buffalo Poker Run.

“The wind kind of picked up over here and the boat was a tunnel hull boat,” said Steven McKie, president of the Buffalo Poker Run. “The speed was controlled, he wasn’t going faster than he should have. The boat just caught some air and flipped over.”

According to officials, Nicholle escaped the crash without any injuries but Chris suffered serious head and leg injuries from the flip. Chris is currently in a medically induced coma due to the severity of the head trauma.

Luckily there was an EMT at the event and they were able to arrive on the scene almost immediately in order to stabilize Chris before medical emergency services arrived to take him to the hospital.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris and his family as we all hope for Chris to pull through this horrible incident.

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