Mike Clesceri and the innovative team at Marine Design Corporation continue to see success with their industry changing DriveGuardian and DriveSync as more and more race teams choose to implement the latest versions.

You can’t ignore the facts, and the fact is that the teams running the DriveGuardian are consistently seeing greater success evidenced by several national and world championships taken home this year.

Lily Sport Boats ran the latest DriveGuardian all season and ended up taking home not just the SBI National title but also the World Championship title for the Superboat Vee class.

Both Smith Brothers Racing and Saris racing have been running DriveGuardians for the last three seasons with great success and this year was no different. Saris Racing took home the trophy for both the OPA National and World Championships for class 4, and Smith Brothers Racing won yet another OPA World Championship for class 6. Rich Smith says that he wouldn’t race without the DriveGuardian and here’s why.

“In our situation, the DriveGuardian is not just for big water where the boat is leaping swells and leaving the water frequently. ¬† Because of the various types of water we race on (lakes, ocean, rivers), we actually depend on it more in smaller, choppy water. ¬† The DriveGuardian gives me confidence in that small, choppy water where I can’t throttle back each time the propeller unloads because it happens so fast. In those conditions, I don’t even bother to lift. ¬†Running like that with a stock coupler will ultimately damage something, because the stock coupler isn’t designed for repeated, intentional abuse. The DriveGuardian is.”

Close behind the Saris Racing team was Perdition running the DriveGuardian as well. They finished in 2nd place for the OPA World Championships giving MDC supported boats a 1,2 finish.

The results are undeniable. Teams racing with the DriveGuardian were wildly successful in this years season, further providing evidence that Mike’s ingenious “slipping clutch” design is battle tested and delivers positive results in any environment.