Before leaving California Power Boat Nation stopped by DCB and caught up with the crew while they were finishing up the final touches on the M41. Waiting for tailpipes and running the final speaker wire for the stereo is about all that remains for this High-Tech Carbon Fiber Epoxy Masterpiece.

Now I have always been partial to the attention to detail that has come from almost all of the West Coast shops. The gelcoat sparkles, the trailers are immaculate, the trucks, rhinos, and sand rails are all painted to match. The art for the most part has always been in the graphic applied to the outside of the boats.

This trip out to DCB – Well, when I REALLY looked at this new boat and listened closely to the passion and heartfelt “all in” commitment from Dave and his crew it finally hit me. The art at DCB is in the build and it always has been. I am convinced (and this is a huge statement coming from me) there is no other builder that puts attention to detail, into, attention to detail like they do. The tooling on this boat reflects in the finished product. When you look down the sides of this one color hull, you see perfectly flat lines and absolutely perfect reflections in the GelCoat. The sharp lines on all edges and contours are perfect and perfectly matched port to starboard. The measurable difference is not left to the eye but is actually measured and less than 20 thousandths corner to corner. This is a rack measurement that some builders can’t get within inches let alone 20 thousands of an inch. Class A surfacing typically found in the automotive process to verify the fit and exterior finish of Bugatti’s and other high end automobiles is exact and used to bring these spectacular results. Each nut, bolt, washer, and billet piece is thought out, sourced from the very best, and polished before it is goes in the boat. The custom tilt trailer from Lugo Manufacturing, Inc was sent down, fit tested and exercised perfectly and then send back for finishing.

The M41 has an LOA of 41′ 1″, the 10’10” beam, and 66 inch wide tunnel is deeper than the other two M boats and has wider sponsons. The front wing extension will provide greater compression and the boat will offer some cabin configuration options for customer preferences. I expect the M41 to run hard in water that some traditionalists would believe it can’t run in. I also believe the boat will produce great numbers with the installed Mercury Racing 1350’s Turbo Charged Engines and M8 drives.

When DCB hits Miami for the boat show in February I look forward to being able to rip down Biscayne Bay and give this West Coasts Masterpiece a proper introduction to the east coast scene. If my pressure and persistence is convincing enough they will stick around for the Florida Powerboat Clubs Miami Boat Show Poker Run and the high end Cat group will have a new leader taking the pack down to Islamorada.

Congratulations to the entire crew at DCB and the new owner. We also note the tooling for the new M29 is completed and look forward to the full line of M boats-M29,M31,M35,M41 from DCB