A true beauty and a boater at that, Candace loves boats that look hot and allow her to sun her body. She enjoys the California hills with her blue nosed pit bull Naya. Candace was born and raised in the Golden State of California. A fledgling part-time model for fun, she loves posing for the camera. Not surprisingly, when you don’t find her working on her modeling, she’s either at a Giants game or enjoying he career as a Hooters model representative.

For this shoot, Kelly Kerrigan of Red line Oil lent us his open bow to work with Candace and our in house photographer, and we got these top images as a result. Candace is gorgeous, and there is not much more we could ask from our first PBN Powerboat Playmate!

Want to know more about our gorgeous PBN Powerboat Playmate? Well, lucky for you, she stuck around and answered a few more questions for us:

PBN Playmate of the Month Bio
Name: Candace
Hometown: Santa Rosa , CA
Hair/Eyes: Hazel eyes
Height: 5’7″
Occupation: Model, Hooters Gal
Likes: Hiking the hills with my dog Naya, cooking,delicious meals, and being with my family
Dislikes: Superficial people, and Drama
Hobbies: I love being outdoors, being active in the California sun or on a boat!
Dream Vacation: Traveling Europe and a road trip across America
Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Altruistic, Creative, Sensitive
What You Want Out Of Life (In Ten Words or Less): I want to travel the world. I love life and love meeting new people!

Special thanks goes out to Kelly of Red Line Oils, and Candace for this month’s killer PBN Powerboat Playmate shoot. Stay tuned for even more gorgeous gals and killer boats in the near future!

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