Last October I participated in Poker Runs America Season Finale in St Petersburg, Fl and there was one particular boat that caught my eye and my attention. It was a Donzi ZR Comp with a particular thump that was just a little different. We ran together for most of the ocean part of the poker run and it was a great day. (Well, except for the holes in my pistons but that’s another story). Then this year after we launched PBN I was back in Tampa Bay for the Poker Runs America Season Opener. I was upside down in a 46 Outerlimits replacing a water pump impeller for a boating friend and I thought I recognized the same boat again and when I popped my head up and looked out sure enough part of the Jersey Crew was back boating in Florida. I was impressed with the boat and with seeing Tom again so I asked if he wouldn’t mind sharing his story. Because he is not just another boater he is a PowerBoating Enthusiast!

Tom Anselmi from Green Village New Jersey runs a 2003 Donzi 38 ZR Competition,Potter Performance Engines built up his Modified Mercury 575’s. The heads were Polished and Ported, and they were converted to Roller Cams. The Weiand Superchargers that were added have an upgraded and modified fuel injection system making 700 HP with 700 foot pounds of torque pushing the boat to just over 110 MPH through IMCO Drives.

PBN: Who rigged your boat?

I purchased the boat in 2007 directly from Donzi with help from my friends Bob Christie and Frank Civitano. The boat just had a “2007”update done by Donzi including a carbon fiber dash, new gauges and new ¼ canopies. This winter, Potter Performance just did a full refresh of the exterior (wet sand and polish), re rigged some of the boat with new sea strainers, electrical updates, new canvas, LED lighting, and a new logo for the engine hatch. The trailer got a full rebuild as well. Everything looks better than new!

PBN: Tell us about your crew?

I could not have this lifestyle if it weren’t for my awesome crew. First is my wife Andrea. I knew she was a keeper when, after dating me for only two months, she went on her first poker run only for me to blow a motor and have to idle 4 hours in to Atlantic City. At the time, I did not have a porta-potty on the boat and we were in 3-5 footers with no swim platform. Needless to say it was a sprint to the bathroom when we got there. My right hand man is my friend Pete. He is like the little brother I never had and he is always there for me.Last but not least is my “family” the Jersey Crew. I am truly blessed to have made such amazing friends through this sport!

PBN: What are your future plans?

Eventually I would like to freshen up the interior and maybe breakup all the red with some contrasting seat inserts. I would also like to upgrade the stereo, dress up the engine bay with flooring and a tool box, and maybe add some more accent lighting to the cockpit.Other than that I like the traditional look of the boat. I get quite a lot of comments about how it actually stands out because it is simple and timeless.

PBN: What was the trigger or first impression that made you a Powerboating enthusiast?

My father built a summer house on Barnegat Bay in 1979. I was seven years old and instantly fell in love with the water. My mom used to take me with some family friends to see the Benihana Offshore Race every year and I loved it. Shortly thereafter I remember seeing a local race boat “Kamikaze” running all the time by our house. I was hooked. I got my first boat (a 13’ Boston Whaler) when I turned 13 and have been boating ever since. When I turned 18, I met the owner of “Kamikaze” and spent my college summers working on the boat. After I graduated college I bought my own go-fast in 1996, a 1983 22’ Donzi Classic. I spent a lot of time restoring and running that boat. I sold it in 2002 and upgraded to a brand new 2003 29’ Kryptonite and then sold that 4 years later to get my 38 Donzi. Checkout the cake!