MERCURY RACING’S NEW BIG BLOCK 520HP IS ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINES RELEASED IN OVER A DECADE. Many of you may read this and wonder what in the heck we are even talking about? Read on and I will clear the picture up for you. First, lets acknowledge this new product for what it really is. Mercury Racing is unveiling their latest new sterndrive engine package as a cost effective option to recreational powerboaters everywhere. This new natural aspirated sterndrive is backed by an unprecedented two year warranty.

Mercury dominates this market segment and recognizes where to aim when it comes to competition in the market place.Another important feat to recognize is compatibility to the ever changing emissions environment. Producing 520 horsepower on 87 octane fuel while meeting all CARB/EPA requirements is proof of the efficiency of the package.

At first glance the external appearance may view very similar to the 8.2 HO and for good reason as they share so many similar components. This is because this is the engine platform that Mercury has chosen to perfect and build upon for future growth as other engine suppliers race to jump on the back of General Motors.

What does this really mean for the Performance Powerboating world? It means Mercury has finally laid the ground work for the future of performance boating. The aftermarket and performance accessories market will have to change and modify as well. Here’s why: Ever since the inception of the fabulous first generation of HP 500 engines the world of power boaters used that engine as the platform for building their 454 and 502 base engines. Today Mercury showed just how good of a platform their engines are built on and what they are capable of. This new offering shares the same CNC block used on the MAG HO’s and other Mercury Racing 502’s but it does have the additional 21 cubic inches of displacement. This larger displacement coupled with the Mercury racing cylinder heads, multi-port fuel injection and electronic throttle body resulting in nearly 100 more horsepower than the base MAG HO.

The 520 will be available in all 11 of Mercury Racing’s 11 Color options, such as Mercury Racing’s Standard Blue Metallic Pictured. Another unique feature is an interactive QR code will be printed on the engine specification decal, which when scanned with a smart phone with QR code reader app will provide owners access to 520 updates and maintenance tips from the Mercury Racing website.

You may not realize it today but this new 520 will be the flagship the performance boating market relishes in for the next years to come.