Mercury Racing Unveils Powerful LS Small Block at SEMA

Mercury Racing Unveils Powerful LS Small Block at SEMA

We’ve speculated for over a year that Mercury Racing was working on designing an LS Small Block that would change the performance industry forever, and it’s finally here! This week on the first day of the famed SEMA, Mercury Racing unveiled their brand new 775 horsepower LS Small Block, and it’s everything we ever wanted it to be.

The new SB4 7.0 is a 7.0 Liter automotive aftermarket crate engine that is manufactured in house, naturally aspirated, and features Mercury Racing’s exclusive aluminum four-valve cylinder heads and dual overhead camshaft valve train. Able to produce an unheard of 775 HP at 75000 RMP, this small block is simply put, a beast!

The four valve design has several benefits over your traditional LS pushrod layout some of which are improved intake and exhaust flow, reduced stresses, smooth high RPM operation, and increased all around efficiency.

Mercury Racing also followed the unveiling with the announcement of the exclusive distributor for the one-of-a-kind engine. SpeedKore Performance Group of Grafton, Wisconsin has been officially named the exclusive distributor for the U.S. and their status and presence in the high quality aftermarket performance sector makes the partnership a no brainer.

We hope you get a chance to see the engine itself currently on display at SEMA, but if not we’re sure you’re going to see a lot more of them in the near future!