While we will have to wait for the final numbers to come in, the proof positive is back. The Miami Boat Show sold boats. Powerboat Nation talked to Builders and Dealers and all of the reports are positive, Nor-Tech sold boats, Sunsation sold boats, MTI, Skater, Legend Marine, Pier 57, Fastboats.com, Xtreme Powerboats, Performance Boat Center, Outlerlimits, DCB, and Hustler. Everyone we spoke to at the show has not only confirmed the optimism, but has said they have deposits, signed deals pending and even fulfilled contracts on boats that were in the show and on boat orders that will go into the production schedule as slots become available.

Terry Sobo of Nor-Tech has had to add a second shift to fulfill the new orders from the show and went on to say they have never had a show like this one. “This year’s show even with the rain was actually overwhelming” said Sobo. “We are looking to hire more people and increase our production schedule to keep up with demand”

Casey Freeman, quoted “Legend Marine Dallas Texas has contracts on multiple boats and Cigarette wrote many additional sales at the show.”
A very happy and excited Wayne Schaldenbrand along with Brother Joe was thrilled with the response of their new Center Console. The innovation they built into the boat has generated sales at the show and they go back to Michigan happy and busy with a full schedule. I was onboard the boat at the same time Bill Tweedy of Myco Trailers was there and got to hear firsthand on how they were pushing the delivery schedule of new boat trailers for the new boats they were building.

Powertboat Nation is thrilled so many of our friends are back from the economic dulldrums and we can get back to Powerboating across the Nation!