Marc Granet and Scotty Begovich took home first place again at the Sarasota Grand Prix in defense of their title win last year.

With more than a decade of racing together, the pair is unparalleled on the water and their chemistry gives them an edge most can only envy. While the Alex and Ani sponsored team was able to gain on them during the straightaways, the Miss GEICO crew was able to take advantage of the course’s many turns, taking a 1.5 second lead all the way to the finish line.

But while Miss GIECO took home the crown, another team had less luck. NO VACANCIES turned over on the course and had to be salvaged, ending their run for the weekend as well. Thankfully it’s been reported that there were no injuries and the crew will undoubtedly get the boat fixed and back on the water soon.

Check below for photos from the event by David W. Doonan of the Herald Corespondent!