Recently Tres Martin has been spending a ton of hands on time with a boat that I was very familiar with. When not doing Boat School Tres has had this 39 MTI in months of re-hab and every single piece of it has been redone, by hand, by Tres.


Sometimes a re-rig is best done by completing a full rig job and that’s just what Tres did. All the cable runs were pulled and thrown away, the holes were filled, motor mounts trashed, all the little parts and pieces remove, redone, and replaced. New hardware was fitted, polished, and installed. Tres even took the time to polish all the hardware himself by hand. This new brand new old 39 MTI is not only going to be a show piece it is going to go! The Sterling Engines were rebuilt by Sterling and modified with new fuel injection and other mods to get a reliable 1150 HP. The boat has significantly lost weight during the re rig and I expect to see some very impressive numbers when it gets wet in the coming weeks.

Its not often that this kind of attention to detail and love of the work is put into a project. For Tres this was a labor of love and his own hands, time, and talent are what sets things apart from just another job.

Look back to PowerBoatNation to bring you the water test results and some before and after thoughts from me.