The Human performance Equation:

It is very easy….Bad decision or good decision. Speed or no Speed the human makes the difference

I won’t rehash the bad of 2013, but I will say how much I hope and look forward to a clean run for 2014 and beyond. Safety is something I think is often overstated and misunderstood and I am beginning to hate the word almost as much as I hate synergistic.

Why would “Captain Safety” as I have been both lovingly and unloving referred to HATE the word SAFETY??? Because like synergy it all too often becomes only a word that has no stated performance objectives and lacks a measure of effectiveness when used without a plan or commitment to a safe culture or behavior.

I am not going to bore you with how to develop a layered safety plan with oversight limits , assessments, and audits to verify substantial compliance. All I will say is the human has an opportunity and choice to make good decisions and bad decisions, and it is our responsibility to demonstrate good decision making. The demonstration of safe practices brings the reward of better safety in this segment of powerboating.

This means dealers, manufacturers, and high visibility industry leaders do just that, they DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP; wear LifeLines and Lanyards when running with customers and run the boats in a proper manner. Event organizers should set up properly structured events with good start procedures and include measures to prevent incident rather than overload response protocols, almost like they know something bad will occur so they make sure plenty of rescue assets are onhand.

Regardless of the specific circumstances situations will present that place you as the boat driver in bad place. The choices you make will always make the difference and before you make the choice you must be able to observe and recognize all around you to maintain enough situational awareness to make the best decision for the circustomaces of what is before you.

Let us have a incredible 2014
Thanks for reading