At the Clearwater Race we got a chance to talk to Jay Pilini and poke around his new 35 Spectre CC. Jay is back to building Spectre’s and right now he is hot on his new 35 Center Console. Measuring 34.8 feet long and with a 9.9 ft. beam the boat is perfectly set to fulfill a void in the market. This boat will run with many other boats costing much more money.

This boat has a large center console cabin with a molded lounge on top. The console contains a full head, large lounge, sink and shower. Jay said he has made the fish boat pleasurable by making sure there is plenty of room below and having room for at least two rows or bolsters for secure and comfortable seating. It remains completely versatile and includes, a large live well, rod holders.Two large storage/fish boxes and a innovative built in trash can something typically overlooked by other brands.

The best thing about this boat is you are getting a Spectre built by the Master behind the brand himself, all at a price point for under 200K for a well equipped boat. Jay told us in addition to building the new 35’s he moved to a new larger location and has put new paint on other boat brands and doing some re-rig and re-fit work on other boats as well. When you get to Key West in November be sure to stop by the Poker Run Village and take a good look at the new 35 CC. Check out the 35 CC’s specs here.