Anytime we hear of a new 388 Skater being built, is the first question any different than “What power is going in it?” We fully expect the answer to be 1100-1800 H.P. because of the street cred these boats have earned. If you are the least bit familiar with 388 Skaters , Chip Romer and Bill Pyburn will likely come to mind and the blistering speeds these boats have recorded.

The other day I was looking at some Skater factory pictures and spied something in the background that begged a phone call to Blume Lowe to get the rest of the story.

A custom painted orange Mercury Racing 700 SCi being dropped into a brand new 388 Skater and coupled to Mercury Racing SSM VI drives. Could this be? Why would this be? And, if it is true- it’s cool and I like it. Finally, a boat that could have 500 plus hours on it before the engines have to come out.

I spoke to Blume and sure enough its true and I applaud the idea, with an estimated top speed of somewhere about 130-135, and with the manipulation of gear ratio and propellers the speed of this boat will be limited to not more than 110. The new owner and the physical geography of the new owners boating area dictates a top end and cruise speed that will be not more than this, not to mention considerable savings on his insurance costs. The boat will get up accelerate to speed quickly and cruise for endless hours of comfortable fun with this set up.

I always tell everyone when looking to buy a boat to remember buying it is the easy part, the post purchase maintenance, hauling, storing, and overall care and feeding is most certainly the hard part. To the new owner this is usually the part that takes the majority of them out of the game to never return. I have had owners tell me it is cheaper to maintain tier airplanes than to maintain their boats and they opt out for other pursuits, A 700 HP 388 may seem silly to some but I think it’s marvelous as it affords the new owners a easy way to begin and then; rather than get a new boat in the near future this one allows for easy upgrades to the base motor or re-engine to the largest power available because we know the hull can take it.

Bravo Zulu to, Blume Lowe and the proud new Owner. Skater expects a Late May delivery.