Yes! it was supposed to be at the Miami Boat Show as we had previously reported and it just showed up in Miami last night and we just finished running it down to the new owners house. It’s here and it is fabulous. The boat is beyond comparison to all the other center console offerings and my words can’t explain it or do it justice. The shape, feel, and touch of this boat is very different. The longtime slogan from MTI is “Shaping the Future of Offshore” and they certainly lived up to the slogan with this latest creation.

Larry Goldman of North Miami‘s Xtreme Powerboats sold the boat from the model displayed to a gentleman from Europe who had an Outerlimits but wanted something more than a dazzled up fishboat. Larry said “This boat meets or exceeds all of his customer’s expectations”. Larry said the Boat was close for Miami, and Randy Scism (owner of MTI) had to make the ultimate decision. We didn’t want to rush it and took the extra time to make it right and be worthy of the design, quality, performance, expected from MTI.”

The boat features a revolutionary hull design with a small full tunnel, recessed storage compartments, full queen sized berthing area, protected powered bolster seats for up to six occupants, and a ride in big water that is incomparable to any other offering on the market. We know of at least one new customer who after going for a back to back sea trial on the SV42 Prototype boat at the Miami Show cancelled his existing order for another brand because of how impressed he was with the ride of this boat.

“Was it worth the wait?” I asked the new owner, he said “The best part is before you get the boat, when you are imagining how it is going to be, what it’s going to be, and how you are going to use it. Now that its here that process is over” He also told me he enjoyed the adventure of traveling to the MTI plant in Missouri with his good friend Larry Goldman who guided him throughout the entire experience and it was an incredible adventure. He also said “ I have finally found what I was looking for since I have been here in Miami, a boat to which I can have no headaches and enjoy boating with my family and friends. We love to tour around Miami and view the sights and homes from the water.”

Today we splashed the boat full with about 420 gallons of fuel and five of us onboard. The boat was incredible; it rolled up on plane and ran 67 MPH at 6000 rpm so there is more to come with props and weight loss. The wind in Miami today was uncomfortable and the lack of lean from the large molded T-top was impressive. The boat turned and responded in a way not common to center consoles. Today Monday 25 March the boat is leaving Miami for Key West on a 320 mile commissioning run. I also have to tell you I have trailered and followed a long list of impressive boats around Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This one takes 1st prize for the number of heads turned and pictures taken, today on A1A cars on both sides slowed to take pictures and heads turned all the way to the ramp. See more in the forums.