It’s anyone’s guess but today at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Mercury Racing debuts what may be new to them but has been around the automotive industry for quite sometime. That debut is in the form of a dual over head cam cylinder head mated to a GM LS based engine.

The question is when will we see this new technology come to fruition? It’s no doubt that the era of the Big Block Chevrolet power plant as an OEM engine offering is not long to go the way of the rotary telephone. An antique by today’s standards and originally developed back in 1965, the big block engine today is heavy and fuel inefficient compared to what our industry could be using.

The rest of the marine industry has been quick to welcome the OEM engine technology of the LS engine as well as dual overhead cam technology. This new platform from Mercury racing might allow them to keep pace with Indmar’s new Ford Raptor engine featuring the latest four cam offerings. Ski and wake board boat manufacturers are feverishly making changes to their boats to accept this long awaited technology that is taking their industry by storm.

The LS platform has also been a huge success for Seven Marine that has become the elite manufacture of big horsepower outboard engines popular with the hi performance center console world.