Well if you wanted a 2013 Nor-Tech you either have already ordered it or you will need to pay a premium and buy it from someone already on the order list. “Business is Booming” according to Mr. Terry Sobo Director of Sales “We are slammed building boats, so busy in fact we are searching for new employees to grow our workforce, particularly for our rigging department.”

Nor-Tech has always been known for innovation and building some pretty incredible powerboats. I have always had great fun and wonderful boating experiences in Nor-Techs. I remember the Daytona Poker run in 2008. In the 50 foot Turbine powered “Canada Thrust” we got pulled over by the water cops and issued a speeding ticket for doing 34 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. (Every boat got a ticket that day. It was a real cop sting operation). We were then the last boat to leave the inlet and way behind, we throttled up and passed every boat on the way up to St Augustine, we then turned around and ran back to the last boat, turned around again and ran to St Augustine. After all that we were at the dock a full 30 minutes ahead of the next boat ,Tony Mondozee in his 46 Cigarette American Muscle II. I think I have more fun stories in Nor-Techs than any other boat, and way more fun stories rolling around the Poker Run Fun with Tron, Terry, and the boat owners.

Nor-Tech has also had the ability to sense the shift in the economy and the market and be nimble and lean enough to move quickly when appropriate. More importantly, unlike other builders the Band of Brothers at Nor-Tech have always told me the truth about what was happening in the boat business. If business was bad they said it was. So when Mr. Sobo speaks I believe him because they can back it up. I also know this because they are cold calling all my friends trying to get them to go to work for them.

The bulk of the new sales are Center Console’s. A mix of fish boats and Non Fishing Fun Craft. The recent Quad 300, 344GT ran over 85 MPH and according to Nor-Tech, the boat features four hi back bolsters and a high performance shortened T-Top. Top speed was recorded at 85 MPH.

Buy it now and sell it next year. Nor-Tech may very well be on the way to model what Intrepid has mastered. A dedicated stream of owners who have a perpetual build slot on the new model year list.