Nor-Tech and the team brought their brand new, three day old, 45′ center console to the Miami Boat Show this year and it turned heads up and down the entire dock. A boat so new that Nor-Tech decided to bring it here before it was completely finished, the 45 footer is the first of its kind and the first one built.

Measuring 45 feet long and 12 feet wide the boat is beyond stable, showing barely any movement while various people milled about the deck. More importantly she’s powered by five 400s that can push her to over 89MPH and those numbers are subject to change being as they’ve only begun to do preliminary testing. This specific boat at the show is mostly done but still lacking front seats, some cabin additions, and a top to the center console, but as you can see from the photos, she’s on the water and running smoothly. The Boat has garnered so much attention and enthusiasm, Nor-Tech has already 2 of the 45’s in production, one with triple 550 Cummins Diesels and another with Quad 550 Cummins.

After seeing her we just couldn’t resist putting our Powerboat Nation Girls on board this stunning new boat.