Wherever you look you see high horsepower engines shattering new power levels but one of the key components making that possible is what your not seeing. Hidden deep inside the belly’s of these beasts is the link between durability and reliability

Oliver Racing Parts Company President Joe Moch points out that Oliver Parts legend as a company of connecting rod development is enjoying great success by making huge strides in their ability to deliver even more product to their customers.

“This continued strength and success of the Oliver Racing parts has the company building connecting rods for nearly every segment of the professional racing engine market.” Joe said

The company has been working at full tilt supplying custom engine connecting rods to a wide range of professional motorsports from Roush Racing, Duttweiller racing, Chief Engines, BoostPower USA, as well as the Goodwin Competition offerings we have been following closely.

Joe pointed out that engine development happens at a very rapid pace today and being able to work closely with with the professional teams requires Oliver Racing to be a nimble and responsive company. Joe also said, the companies success has other industries such as the high performance diesel racing engine providers seeking their services as well. In addition to the product success the company itself is making big advancements and were promised an inside look next time at what equipment and processes changes Oliver is using to lead their market segment.

Oliver connecting rods has claimed its stand among the top of the mountain as the standard of which other rods are measured and for us in the power boating world that just means confidence when you run the best.