Outerlimits Powerboats tops V-Bottom Kilo Record with a Shocking 180.470 MPH run. Running 179.500 mph one way and 181.422 mph the other this “special event” kilo run put Brian Forehand and Joe Sgro on top following a 172.876 MPH run the day before. To put up these kinds of speeds in a one kilometer run is nothing short of spectacular!

A huge congratulations goes out to the team that put this together, Joe Sgro with his 43-foot Outerlimits , Brain Forehand with his hard work and skill, and Dave Scotto for the use of his Mercury Racing 1650 QC4v Motors.

Mercury Racing General Manager Eric Christiansen was on hand for the run along with Mike Griffiths from Mercury Racing.

Also making record breaking news was Michael “Doc” Janssen 30 foot Outerlimits Super Vee Lite boat also driven and throttled by Brian Forehand who ran for a combined average speed of 100.840 MPH with a Mercury Racing 525.