Parent Company of SONIC Powerboats Expands with NEW Premier Luxury Boat

Parent Company of SONIC Powerboats Expands with NEW Premier Luxury Boat

As we have reported, things have been happening fast at the Sonic Powerboat factory in Fort Pierce. The company President, Tony Canale, announced they continue to produce the classic series Sonic but also will be offering a new product line of luxury powerboats. Canale is excited to bring an updated and premier product to the powerboat market that will appeal to a larger cross-section of performance and pleasure boaters.

While the classic series Sonic will boast its tried and true conventional layup and designs, the new series will feature the same complex vacuum-bagged carbon Kevlar layups found in the worlds most recognized high-performance boats.

Canale points out that “the investment in technology will put us on a level playing field, equal with the best boats in the world.” When we visited the shop, Canale introduced us to an entirely new design team for the new product line. This team is recognized throughout the automotive world for their industry leading custom designs.

Canale remarked that our limitations with the new boats are only that of the industry’s top designers. The new line will feature exclusive and innovative designs that will be showcased in the debut of three new models that include a catamaran, a center console and a first in the industry day boat design.