Mud wrestler or maybe monster wrangler you make the decision with your own eyes. Yep, that’s Brittany not some powder puff princess but actually a semi pro mud truck racer. Driving as part of the JW Davis team from the sister company to Davis Auto Sales one of the East Coast’s custom truck leaders who has probably put more used Ford F650, International CXT’s, and Freightliner’s under our legion of boaters than anyone.

At this seasons opening Mud Bog event last weekend the three truck team converged on Greens Raceway park Virginia and Dominated the competition taking two first place finishes while our PBN princess Brittany was limited to a fourth place finish among a all male 11 truck field due to a failed transmission and a loss of high gear.

The Square body Chevrolet she pilot features the latest in mud truck equipment from a custom chassis to 2-1/2 ton rockwell military style axles. The fire breathing big block Chevy is no match for this little lady’s lead foot as she literally floors it wide open the entire course wheeling this monster through a mud pit that consumed nearly 90% of the near 100 competitors. Congrats to Brittany on her low 6 second run and the entire team for their dominant performance. For more on Brittany Dunn visit the archives of her here at