Come on now, really did you really think we could pull off the real Katy Perry? Needless to say this is the closest look a like we could come up with from our latest after hours sponsor photo shoot. When the opportunity comes up and someone has to work late, you can count on the Powerboat Nation crew to step up for all the “Dirty work” as it were.

This lovely lady is Candace, and we have a full photo spread of her coming and just thought some of you might like a sneak peek at the process. We’re pretty sure that most of you love nice boats and pretty ladies right? And since a T-shirt model has to come in handy for the Powerboat Nation Store, we can call this work! The staff members who “volunteered” for this “work” last week were our props guru Rick, who whipped together a nice backdrop and rigged up some custom lighting, and photographer Jeremy who had all the hard work to do keeping the lens focused on the subject at hand. Doesn’t appear like it was that difficult.

So keep your eyes peeled next week as Powerboat Nation is bringing in the summer with a hot new segment: The Powerboat Nation Playmates.