Let’s face it. Everyone has an opinion, an idea, a preference, but when it comes to who is the fastest, who is the biggest, and who is the best in the marine media market NO ONE compares to Powerboat Nation. Thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters we just went over the 20,000 mark on Facebook and over 12,000 Instagram followers. All organic in just three short years.

Lets run down the list:

PBN has the very best web presence
PBN has the very best classifieds and it supports video and direct view
PBN creates its OWN photo and Video Content
PBN has been recognized on National Television
PBN has Celebrity supporters
PBN creates its OWN editorial Content
PBN shares and supports all or our platinum advertisers additional content
PBN has an active Facebook Page
PBN has an active Instagram following
PBN has an active Twitter Following
PBN has its own Youtube channel
PBN actually goes to poker runs and participates
PBN promotes and coordinates the Best parties
PBN owns its own 38 Cigarette Top Gun
PBN has full time staff to service the sponsors
PBN has the most innovative web site with features NO ONE else has or can even begin to build
PBN has accurate and verifiable custom analytic data proving we reach an average of 948,000 people a week and we are currently experiencing a average of 8% growth which continues to improve each week.
PBN actually gives a shit about our sponsors, our fans and of course we have the PBN Girls

PBN Loves all of you and everyone who was with us from the beginning we thank you everyday. Your trust, loyalty, support and belief in what we would become is so very much appreciated. We are a Team of hardworking boating enthusiasts who truly want to bring all of you the very best we can.