Saturday Night December 15th in Fort Lauderdale a small group of PowerBoat Nation Boating enthusiasts gathered at a member’s intercoastal home to take part in the 41st Annual Fort Lauderdale “WINTERFEST” boat parade. This gathering reminded and reinforced my thoughts and feelings that the true spirit and enthusiasm for what we do is with the people we surround ourselves with. While the Boat, Bikes, and Cars initially bring us together, the people we share this with is what keeps us together and ultimately feeds the machine. I also believe many of the core companies in the powerboat world don’t really understand this well enough and could do a much better job growing Powerboating by investing in the boat owners that pay huge amounts of hard cash to keep the machine feeding.

2013 is fast approaching and sitting on the dock at during this holiday with some of my great friends who just happen to be powerboat enthusiasts reinforced my cup half full of great optimism. 2013 is going to be an incredible year. We look forward to spending the coming year celebrating with and supporting all of you enthusiasts that choose to roll with us.

General Colin Powell teaches us “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. We can change things here, we can achieve awesome goals, we can be the best.” And we will, next year for the 42nd Annual WINTERFEST boat parade I look forward to participate on the water as PowerBoat Nation with the 100 or so other powerboats that create such a wonderful holiday gathering.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !

Powerboat Nation

More about Fort Lauderdale’s WINTERFEST boat parade:

The Celebration primarily involves a series of events scheduled for December. Florida residents and visitors eagerly anticipate WINTERFEST each year. The events make the holiday season come alive in sunny South Florida. The WINTERFEST Celebration has grown throughout the years to include the Winterfest Boat Parade, The Winterfest Black Tie Ball, the Shoreline Decorating Extravaganza, the Grand Marshal Reception, Winterfest White Party, Golf Tournament and many other receptions and events. Winterfest is recognized as the 7th largest spectator event in the country and the largest event in Florida based on number of attendees. The Parade attracts over one million parade spectators and is televised nationally to millions of homes. Winterfest has had an economic impact on Broward County of over $42 million per year.