There are pretty much two schools of thought when it comes to powerboating and noise: You’re either the type that crave the roar and echoes of horsepower or you’re the type that wants to enjoy the sound of the wind in your hair and nature as opposed to the loud bark keeping you from a pleasant conversation with your passengers.

If you’re the latter the solution might just not only be simple but remarkably affordable. Hardin Marine has been building exhaust and silencer/mufflers for over three decades and they have determined in applications of 425 Horsepower or less a simple “Slip-in” insert style muffler/silencer that can be slid into most 4″ tube style exhaust tips and retained with a single bolt is the perfect solution.

We decided to turn our lovely PBN spokeswomen to a task so easy even a cavewoman could do it.  For the technical background here’s some facts we picked up. In order to reduce sound you need to be able to deflect it direction. The silencers do just exactly that. By creating a chamber effect of dampening slot the exhaust flow is redirected around the silencers diversion plate through a series of slots with a greater surface area than even the pipe itself. This is what allows these silencers to perform so well and allow for no power reduction in applications of 425 horsepower or less.  So in a world of escalating costs it’s such a breath of fresh air to see an affordable yet easy to install solution to taming the roar of many powerboat engines.