Today Brett Manire owner of Performance Boat Center called to let us know he is now the Official Midwest Exclusive Dealer for Statement Marine Powerboats.

Brett said “I am stocking boats for immediate sale. The first boat will arrive in April, a 35 foot center console with party pleasure set up and extremely cool LED lights and an interior that is unique and cool. This is not a fish boat!” Brett went on that the boat is being set up with twin Mercury Marine 300 Verados. “The boat is Stoic and will have a system that is incredible!” Exclaimed Brett.

The second boat to come will be the Statement 368 SUV crossover with triple 300 Verados. I asked Brett why 300’s and not step up to the 350’s? “WARRANTY! Was his quick reply, “The 300’s come with a five year warranty that can be extended to 7 years. The 350s come with only one year.” He also said, “The Verados are pleasure, easy to run, and maintain.”

When I asked Brett why Statement when they are so many offerings in the center Console segment? He went on for a while. “I like the fit and finish, great branding, outstanding presence and support at all the boating events, add the innovative outside the box thinking, that separates Statement Marine from all the other brands. They are just a Class Act.” He also said there was one main ingredient that made it all happen. “Craig Barrie was totally responsible for me to become a dealer for Statement” Brett told me he has had a long standing relationship with Craig and the trust and confidence he has with Craig was what brought him to the table. “Crag Barrie is the reason I am a dealer “said Brett

Brett went on to say he is “Excited to get first boat and be competitive in the Center Console arena. Now Performance Boat Center is a Stocking Outerlimits and Statement dealer. Now we have both top of the line performance boat lines. Performance Boat Center will now have Statement and Outerlimits boats in stock for immediate sale.

After talking to Brett I called Craig Barrie to get his perspective. Craig said “Brett has always been a friend and was thrilled to be able to bring Statement to Performance Boat Center. I have known Brett for a long time and it’s really a thrill to have his Performance Boat Center as A statement dealer, they have excellent service, follow through and they are located in a big and important market.”

Look for much more to come from Performance Boat Center in the future!