When you think of a sea pirate, technologically advanced is not the first thing that comes to mind. More like a tiny boat over filled with people shaking their AK-47’s in the air. This seems to no longer be the case. Pirates are quickly becoming more adept in their targeting of which boats they go after on the high seas.

According to a Verizon security report, raiders are hacking shipping companies’ content management systems in order to identify easy and valuable target for their operations. This new development has allowed them to launch raids with much greater accuracy, go straight to the exact crates with known valuables, and then leave without the risk of a spiraling hostage situation like with Captain Philips.

Although worrisome that they are beginning to make advances into the technological realm to advance their interests, they are far from expert. They didn’t encrypt their commands or use proxies and left themselves vulnerable to easy tracing. While offering some positiveness that companies now know to look out for such attacks and tactics, it’s still negative and worrisome that these attacks will only increase and become more advanced as time goes on.