Black Pearl Racing, A boat that has been recently campaigned on numerous fun runs and poker runs won the P3 class at Clear water over the weekend. Complete with a full stereo, coolers, and cup holders, not only did the 38 ft. Fountain win, they dominated the rest of the fleet. Running on three year old 200 hour 525 Mercury Racing Motors that still have all the factory seals in place they maintained an average lap speed of 78.10 miles an hour running ahead of other P3 boats capable of higher speeds. In fact they won the three races they entered this year in between running some poker runs.

This 38 Fountain is a 2002 that was originally built as a race boat and shortly campaigned as UTZ racing. A few years ago it was converted to a pleasure boat and has seen many poker runs. Owned by Eldon Trimingham, the race duties are handled by the boats Co Owner Gary Jones- Driving and well known throttle man Billy Glueck. Billy told us he forgot how much fun running a factory boat was. Water conditions for the Clearwater race were really good over the weekend. Billy had to just keep the throttles pinned and Gary wrapped the boat through the course.

Both Gary and Billy were very happy with the win. The boat gets a flush, wash, and oil change before running on next weekend’s fun run and then ready for the race in Key West.