In any industry there’s always a few bad eggs roaming around trying to scam businesses and follow enthusiasts. The latest culprit, an individual using the name, David Del Valle or Juan David Del Valle, has been using stolen credit cards to fund a project to build a high performance powerboat in the Miami / Hialeah area of Florida. He claims to be building a “28′ Jaws”.

He has used two different phone numbers, 786-457-2958 and 786-286-4865 for his illicit practices. He’s also used the name “Joe” and has request that sellers ship parts to his “business” “Joe Tire” located at 10535 NW 27 Ave, Miami. So far he has acquired through fraud possession a Speedmaster #3 drive, serial number B860527. The said drive has been added to the NCIC database as stolen property – recover with prejudice. He has signed for said property as David Del Valle and Joe Baez.

An accomplice, a hispanic female who claims to be “Barbara “Babs” Gomez” works with him and states the stolen credit cards are in her name. It is not known whether these are actual or assumed names. If you have had dealings with or have been contacted by these individuals, please contact the Miami-Dade Police Department.