It’s been awhile since I have been to the Lake Cumberland Poker Run and I can’t wait to get back. It really is one of the best events in the country and has a unique appeal and arrangement that makes the event incredibly fun.

If you look very close youcan see the PBN Cigarette on State Dock from a few years ago.

If you have never attended you need to. You have to actually experience the “DOCK DROP” with a few hundred other people to really understand how great the scene is at Lake Cumberland.

The State Dock Marina State Dock offers houseboat rentals for everyone to stay and the boats stay right on the dock throughout the event. This makes the venue the event and brings a feel and atmosphere that can only be captured here. The party never stops! No trips back to the hotel or splitting up for dinner and drinks. The houseboats on the dock are where the action is and where it stays!

Powerboat Nation will be at Lake Cumberland to support the event,the event organizers, and all the participants. With a projectedboat count exceeding 100 boats and crews coming in from all over thecountry this year’s Lake Cumberland Poker run is sure to be a greatsuccess and we will bring it to you. When you arrive be on thelookout for the houseboat near the party barge with thePowerboat Nation banners up. We will be on hand shooting T-Shirts,video, and taking pictures of the live action so everyone who can’tmake it will experience it online