One thing for sure is that Powerboat Nation as a brand and as online community has exploded in growth since its inception as have the the level of effort we have gone too so that we can keep you abreast of everything happening around the country. From our participation and support at boating events,boat manufactures visits, boat show participation, and of course our parties it became very apparent our team needs to grow and we wanted a star to help us continue on under acceleration.

While Ross Edwards might be new to our team he is certainly not new to boating, he’s been an enthusiast and boater since he could swim. Originally from the West Coast Ross recently transplanted to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to join our team. He cut his teeth on blown gasoline hydro’s and then on to larger cat boats so he’s no stranger to the sport. But, that’s really not why we wanted him, we wanted him for his expertise and what he can do to not only support Powerboat Nation’s growth but to pave the way for a host of projects that we have geared towards the growth and revitalization of the entry level part of the boating market.

Ross brings experience with member reward programs, social media initiatives, and a marketing background that will provide valuable insight to help our advertisers support and grow their brands to a younger and wider demographic and that’s good for the future growth and sustainability of the sport of powerboating.

When you are at the Miami Boat show or any of the upcoming boating events across the country, Ross will be on site with Powerboat Nation and reaching out to all of you to talk about power boating and the lifestyle around it.