For the past 4 years we have been in contact with everyone from Discovery, Velocity, Travel and more in hopes of having the chance to bring our passion for powerboating to the performance masses. Now we have a series deal lined up and we are aiming to air nation wide later in 2017.

Having been to Hollywood to meet with the networks. we have developed a game plan for what is needed to turn pieces and parts of what we were already doing into mainstream television worth watching! So while the rest of the media heads one direction with, you guessed it, yet another car show, we are making waves in a quest to elevate the sport of powerboating to the big stage. These are exciting times for us because we have always been focused on the future by dedicating our time and effort to creating a media juggernaut the likes of which our sport has never seen.

The world and how consumers gather information has changed so much in just the last few years. For the majority of us, you get all of your information digitally or through television. Sure some read the paper but primarily online (Unless your a dinosaur). We have kept our focus on innovation through investment in media.

It is no surprise you see us at events and you see us in our branded boats as well as major sponsors of numerous events. Bringing the action and excitement of what happens to our own web platform is key and now we are going even further with help from our many supporters and advertisers. These supporters invest in us and the sport you love, and it’s our responsibility to turn around and invest it into the future of powerboating.

We’ve witnessed what mainstream cable and reality television have done for the automotive industry as it has climbed to all new heights in the last five years. We at Powerboat Nation are focused on building an entirely new series of TV coverage for the upcoming 2017 in an effort to provide you the very best entertainment in powerboating.

TRUTH BE TOLD!  We need to grow more awareness and bring the enthusiasm of our powerboating world to the rest of the performance industry. We do this because we love it and we believe in it. No one else has gone the extra mile to do whatever it takes to make sure Performance Powerboating survives.

Stay tuned because it will be a wild ride this coming year with Powerboat Nation, as always, leading the way to something even bigger and better for everyone!

Take a look at the preview clip for our upcoming pilot episode of Powerboat Nation: “Making the “CUT” in: Key West Powerboating”.