For over ten years the Tres Martin Performance Boat School has been bringing highly valued skilled based training to the Performance Boat Segment of the Powerboat Industry. While we have conducted some classes for owners of more traditional cruisers and smaller sport yachts our primary focus has been with the high performance segments and are know worldwide as the experts in the operation of high performance watercraft for pleasure, military special operations, and racing.

Now the PowerBoat Course is an official curriculum that has been added to the Tres Martin Boat School portfolio of courses offered. Last week I presented the first session of the new course that has 32 skilled based tasks that cover all aspects of boating from simple knowledge requirements to the specific details of close quarters maneuvering, navigation, anchoring, mooring, engine causality response, and operation at speed in varying conditions. Each of the 32 tasks have supportive enabling objectives that in end support the completion of the final terminal performance objective for each of these tasks.

In the end this new curriculum brings value added skill to boat operators of any experience level in a record amount of time.

This particular class was presented to a boat owner who did have some experience on small outboard boats and was now set to operate a Monterey 328 SS with Twin Volvo 5.7 GXI Engines with Duo Prop Drives. With the prospect of being responsible for fun water time with his wife, children, and friends the class brought a high level of support to his confidence as well as bringing simplified operation and application process to keep the boating experience simple, safe, and FUN!

The day was comprised of a complete orientation and operation of all the systems aboard the boat. Plotting and navigating to a destination, selecting an anchorage and anchoring is a current, and a wide variety of maneuvering exercises with increased complexity with regard to other vessels and dock arrangements. Even time tying knots and the proper way to belay a cleat which is something I rarely see done properly on a poker run.

Yes! Tres and I still do high speed, high performance boats, but we now also offer a program that brings success to owners who wish to operate their boats with a level of skill, expertise, and eloquence that is above and beyond anything else available. Size and complexity does not matter….if you own a 125 foot Yacht and chose to run it without professional crew we can bring the program to you!