Since 2004, the Tres Martin Performance Boat School has been providing students the ability to go well beyond knowledge and bring actual measurable skills to the operation of their powerboats.  Some of the unintentional by products of this instructional process have resulted in high retention rate and the procession to bigger and faster boats.

Tres Martin along with Brad Schoenwald have instructed thousands of powerboaters, from seasoned operators with lots of sea time to brand new operators as well as US Navy Special Warfare and U.S. Coast Guard operators.

The range of the type powerboats has also expanded since the beginning. Today the school has courses for small runabouts all the way up to 75′ Yacht where the owners intend to operate without professional crews.

Recently, one very happy customer produced a video of his boat running in his first Poker Run just after completing the High Performance Course. Matt Soper recently bought this straight bottom CIGARETTE Top Gun with big power and SSM #6 Drives. He said at the conclusion of this run everyone at the dock couldn’t believe he could run as fast as he did but also as comfortable as he did in what was otherwise uncomfortable Lake Michigan water. Matt’s answer was simple but strong.

Take the course and get skilled.

Video Production by Tom MacKnight  of TMACKPRODUCTIONS