Reggie Fountain is being brought back to the table by Iconic Marine Group which purchased several manufacturing companies including Fountain last year.

“He’s definitely energized with this project. He’s going to have everything to do with performance and building a performance team around that [Fountain] brand, and so we’ll see how it develops.” (Trade Only Today)

With a full blown design and engineering team since January, Fountain is focusing intensely on the salt water fishing boat market, particularly 32 to 42 footers, and Reggie will an important roll in the future.

He’ll be working with the owners and taking charge of Fountain’s surge into the future of performance boating. Reggie has also stated that he extremely excited about his involvement, and that working with a Product Development Team as strong as the one at Iconic Marine Group will be very beneficial for the brand.

The company plans to introduce the newest 39 foot model at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and two new 42 foot boats are slated to hit the water shortly after.

“There is more product coming literally every quarter that we’ve got in the pipeline — saltwater fish, all outboard-powered,” Curran said. “Our backlog is comfortably at 60 to 70 days on the bigger product. Basically we’ve been able to turn everything around in eight months.”

We’ll keep you updated as Fountain introduces their new models and we’re more than excited to see how Reggie’s involvement takes the company to new levels again

Header composite image courtesy of American Performance Media