Last week PowerBoat Nation made its third trip in four months back to Skater to ride along with the 388 Platinum build project. This trip included the Rainmaker Crew, Chris and Angela Bradley. Braving miserably cold conditions they met with Peter and some of his crew to go over many of the particular details of the build for what will be the new RAINMAKER which will be hull number 3 for the 388 Platinum builds.

What are those details? Well many of them will be kept close for now, but they included. Deck profile, transom/bustle cut,cockpit size and arrangement, engine and drive selection which dictated forward engine bulkhead, fuel load, hatches and arrangements, and many other smaller details that will lead to boat performance and arrangement. I guarantee you will be blown away with some of the specific details that are going into this build.

While we were there we got to get a glimpse of the progress on Bill Pyburn’s boat and saw some changes to the paint graphics going on Kelly Sills boat.

Enjoy the pictures and rest assured we will be going back again and again to document these great builds. The team members at Skater are the ones who are making this all happen and I think they are just as excited as we are!

Stopped by the Bean for some fun before the flight home!