During my very long and very good conversation with Peter Hlendin, the owner of Douglas Marine, Inc and brain behind the incredible builds that come from Douglas, Michigan. I always learn so much when I talk with Peter and it rarely has anything to do with boats or boating, it is usually a bit of wisdom and life and I am a better person after. During our conversation about Desert Storm Peter told me he had a great time at Havasu, this was his sixth or so year coming out to the desert and has always enjoyed the event. SKATER has a strong presence on the west coast and some very loyal customers. This year Peter actually got aboard one of his boats and ran it in the shootout. Working the trim as owner Gary Colledge throttled and steered, they got the boat to 141 MPH. Peter said it was the first time in about 30 years he and ridden in one of his boats. I then had to remind him that a few years ago he did ride in one of his V-Bottoms with a friend of mine.“Remember your run with Todd in the 39 V in that poker run up by you” Peter laughed and said “that was one of the worst ride I have ever had’, my kidneys were beat, Catamarans are the way to go.” Todd Welling was the owner/racer of the Spiderman Race team that propelled Skater to numerous V-Bottom wins.

The fastest speeds of the day came from 388 Skaters both with similar but different Carson Brummett Power. John Roth’s 388 ran 179 MPH and Don London’s 388 ran 180 MPH

Lake Havasu draws all the top of the line powerboats and it is hard to stand out in the crowed. This year the “Best in Show” award went to Gary and Rosemary Colledge, owners of the spectacular SKATER 388 LE. The boat features a unique enclosed canopy, custom appointed interior,and air conditioning. Powered with Mercury Racing 1350 M8 package it is a high powered fast catamaran with a certain refinement and distinction unlike any other.

Look for much more to come out of Michigan from Skater. It looks like I may be making a trip to the factory in June following a Boat School I am doing in Detroit June 1st.