While it’s hard to determine just which of the infamous models that Skater Powerboats builds is most popular, one things for sure. Their facility makes it look like they all are.

In our visit to their Grand Rapids, Michigan facility last week, it was not only packed with boats in production, but also numerous new models are being developed, and this is an exciting sign that the performance boating industry looks stronger than ever.

Of the new models, we found new low profile versions of the popular 318 with new 400R Short Shaft engines. And on the other end of the spectrum, we caught a glimpse of one of Skater’s largest ventures yet. A very big 53′ catamaran in production. Back in the corner we spied a big, big, plug……walking it off measured over 50 feet of running surface and about 13 feet wide. SKATER’s mastermind creator, Peter Hledin, said it was his personal bucket list boat.  He has designed what will be the premier, large, performance catamaran with a 53 foot running surface and 72″ tunnel.  Its big and he tells us it will be fast.  Peter says he’s long wanted to show what the ultimate capabilities of are of his popular cats and he’s more than excited for the boat’s completion.  Given all the incredible builds that have come from Skater over the years, if Peter states this is his Bucket List Boat you can bet its going to be spectacular! Stay tuned!