By now some of you should be past the shock and awe of why one of Skaters most legendary 30′ prototype catamaran rockets owned by Dale Razyor of Northern California was making the same swing as our or industry is to high horsepower outboards. This conversion is not for the weak of heart or thin wallet. The “Prototype” Skater is getting no expense spared in the redo. This just isn’t some quick slap it together project this boat was literally dismantled down to its bones. Part 2 gives you an inside look at the depth of the process Skater has invested to showcase some of its latest features.

The expert team at Douglas Marine drops the deckline a whole 3″ making way to the biggest upgrade the removal of the earlier first generation hazy windshield to make way for what today nearly every high performance boat builder demands is a Lee Aerospace wrap around windshield, These windshields are optically superior to anything weve seen in the marine industry and are built for the demands of aircraft and offer a fit and finish like no other. In addition to the windshield change the old double hatch’s are removed to make room for a single unit, Stay tuned as we follow the journey of this amazing boat.