Powerboat Nation has just confirmed the “oh so quiet” under wraps version of the legendary Outerlimits 43′ V-bottom will debut in Miami at the international boat show this February. We were able to pry a few specs and some preliminary photos of the new boat during its construction. It seems as if there is a ton of new technology in this boat and many of its concepts were a collaboration of both Dustin Whipple (future owner) and Mike Fiore, President of Outerlimits Powerboats. Fiore is no stranger to building some of the worlds fastest and most prominent V-Bottom boats and this will be no exception.

Outerlimits is using a proprietary Carbon/Epoxy construction for the hull and deck lay up. Beyond the construction materials Outerlimits has developed a new, advanced 5 step modified pad bottom. Whipple being a purist of performance at heart convinced Fiore to cut down the hull’s height by 4″. Not only will these modifications allow the new SV43 Outerlimits to lower the boats center of gravity for increased performance, but it will give the opportuniity to showcase the new sit down front suspension seat that Whipple and Fiore have been developing. We will be bringing you even more great details on this boat so stay close for the latest in what’s coming from Powerboat Nation.