Back in December, Powerboat Nation broke the news that Mercury was set to unleash a 1700 HP Turbo motor after some curious performances led many to believe some boats were not just running 1350’s. Looks like we were right but off by 50 HP. Mercury unveiled their new motor today at Miami which will run on 112-Octane race fuel. This beast includes much larger turbochargers, many computer changes and re-calibrations and an upgraded oiling system. Mercury will be pairing these engines together with upgraded and stronger M8 drives. There no word yet on the cost of these monsters, but one can only imagine. Don’t get to excited yet about getting one for your boat, as currently production 1650’s will only be available to qualified racing teams, with Miss Geico taking the first ones.

1650 Race Engine Specifications

Rated Power at Transmission: 1650 Hp / 1230 kW
Full Throttle rpm: 6500-6800
Displacement CID/Liter: 
Bore (in/mm): 4.57/116
Stroke (in/mm): 4.21/107
Compression Ratio: 7.8:1
Cylinder Arrangement: V-8
Alternator (amp/watt): 105/1481
Controller: PCM
Fuel System: Sequential fuel injection
Fuel Requirements: 112-octane race fuel
Transmission: Mercury Racing Dry-Sump Hydraulic
Drive Unit: Dry-Sump M8
Gear Ratio: Application dependent (contact Mercury Racing)
Length (in/mm): 26.69/678 (from back of block)
Width (in/mm): 34/864
Height (in/mm): 29/737 (from crankshaft centerline)
Weight (lbs/kg): 1720/782
Warranty: None