Sonic Powerboats has had a monumental year so far! Whether it’s bringing new innovations to customers or simply delivering high end powerboats with unmatched customer service and care, the team at Sonic Powerboats is making their mark in the powerboating industry in a big way.

Sonic Powerboats was also one of the first companies this year to put 400 Mercury outboards on a 32 cat. This feat took to the boaters instantly and they have just finished their second one which is ready for purchase and currently have a third in production. Also available for purchase in the next couple weeks is going to be their 32 cat with Mercury Racing 565’s. Sonic recently sold their 358 SS Legendary classic with 540’s to the Mayer family out of Cedar Grove, NJ, who enjoyed running it all over Barnegat Bay this summer. Sonic also delivered two of their extremely popular 36’ Ocean Spirits this year.

Building high quality boats like the aforementioned crafts come naturally to the dedicated team at Sonic Powerboats, but their ingenuity really shines when they are asked to and successfully deliver a boat that doesn’t follow the usual pattern.

Tony Sacco from Hanson Massachusetts loves running in the big waters up in New England and he was looking for the perfect powerboat to do just that, so he turned to Sonic Powerboats for a custom build. According to Tony, he was at the 2015 Borden Lights Poker Run when he saw the new 42 Hyper-Sonic owned by Jeffery Chrzanowski. After getting in touch with Jeff, he approached the guys at Sonic with a request for a brand new Legendary Classic 358 Super-Sonic with some special modifications.

Tony requested that not only the new 358 come with THREE Mercury 350’s outboard engines but that it also needed to be a bow rider for his grandchildren. After some deliberation, the team responded to Tony with a YES to his requests on both fronts. There is nothing the incredible Sonic Powerboats factory can’t make happen, and we are extremely excited to seeing this new boat and others out on the water!

We can expect great things in the coming years from this dedicated team and company and were looking forward to seeing what they do next!