Boat racing has gotten pretty use to tearing up engine and drivetrain parts as the quest for more speed and pushing the limits is nothing new. But when it comes to tearing up or lets say disintegrating boats were just never really ready for that.

It was a very destructive weekend in drag boat racing recently and The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series World Finals in Phoenix was full of action. Often when we see offshore boats crash its dramatic and scary but when drag boats crash at speed, they don’t just tumble and crack their hulls, they completely obliterated into what seems like splinters of what was floating showpieces on the water. The only thing left intact — and the only thing that’s even intended to or built to sustain a crash — is the driver capsule. Everything else, including the drive train, is secondary. These capsules along with the emergency response procedures are truly remarkable and have really made a difference in the Drag Boat World.

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, saw a series of very frightening crashes happen during the season finale in four categories of which involved Top Alcohol Flat (flat bottom) racers. Fortunately, each of the drivers emerged without life-threatening injuries.