STOP Fuel Starvation with AEM’s 100gph High Flow Fuel Pump

STOP Fuel Starvation with AEM’s 100gph High Flow Fuel Pump

You’re engine is only as powerful as the amount of fuel you can get to it.

And when your engine can’t get enough fuel fast enough you’re hindering more than just its efficiency. You’re killing potential performance. As always, AEM Electronics saw the issue first hand and has eliminated the problem for most. AEM recently introduced to the performance market their 380lph High-Flow, High-Pressure Fuel Pump for high performance, naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI systems. Because AEM is ran by a dedicated team which, more importantly, races themselves, they have the unique ability to understand what the market needs at the level it needs it. Therefore this incredible fuel pump can be installed externally or in-tank and commands a realistic price tag of approximately $155.00.

Designed primarily for use with gasoline, AEM’s 380lph High Flow, High Pressure Fuel Pump can support over 1,200HP normally aspirated and will go up to 860HP at 30psi boost. This gives you the edge you need to outperform any other high performance boat out there. Don’t limit yourself because your engine can’t operate at peak efficiency.

This high performance fuel pump is a direct testament to the ability of the team at AEM to understand the needs of the high performance world and deliver a product readily available to the masses. Their unparalleled dedication to this concept is the reason they are able to flawlessly span different performance industries and will no doubt elevate them to the single most important performance electronic company the performance industry will ever see.

Specs Provided by AEM Electronics

AEM High Flow Fuel Pump Features:
-Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
-Popular “044 Style” physical configuration but with AN inlet & discharge port connections
-Maintains very high flow even at boosted fuel pressures; 340 lph @ 73 PSI (30 psi boost)
-Installs externally or in-tank
-Each pump individually tested to flow minimum of 380lph (100gph) @ 43 PSI
-For gasoline vehicles (pump life will be diminished when used with alcohol fuels)
-Kit includes fuel pump, -6 to -8 male AN discharge fitting with check valve, terminal nuts & boots, —    instructions
-Optional -10 ORB fitting pre-filter, -6 and -8 discharge adapters without the integral check valves